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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Mixed messages are flying around and you can’t be sure you’re on target with any of them. Sometimes the things that bring you the most happiness are also the things that cause the greatest misery. When you see that the damage is not permanent you will feel better.


Having the weight of the world on your shoulders is bad enough; having other people’s weight and your own becomes too much. You are not acting now because you aren’t sure. When you’re sure, put everything you have behind your decision.


Things have been troubling you for a while now that you have had a hard time expressing. Sometimes the truth, full stop, is the best way to do this. Other times you need more than that. You need motivation and support. Rally the troops next week.


You feel tremendous hurt inside that you weren’t able to be there for a certain someone at a significant point in their life. You can’t really go back and change the past but you can help communicate to those who might make the same mistake.


What bends doesn’t break; what is too rigid can often strain and crack under too much pressure. You must learn to be flexible. You can’t behave like this and expect to win at everything. Ask yourself what the point of all of it is.


Some weeks are more difficult than others. You are selling yourself short in more than one area of your life. You must learn to evaluate your own worth and believe your own publicity. You can be all of the things you want to be, whether or not you think you think you “deserve” to be.


It isn’t good enough going through the motions. It has to be real. Honesty must be invited guest to the party or things are never to reveal themselves. Why does it suddenly seem like your patience with other people is dwindling? Are you crossing a bridge or going to a new land?


Your old patterns no longer work. You may be tempted at first to take the easy road which requires no confrontation at all. Do not feel obliged to offer up information unless it is absolutely unnecessary. You are overdue some payback from an old favor.


You are reaching the point of no return. It might seem easy to go back to the way things were but too much has changed. You have to have the courage to make your big leaps without worrying if there is a safety net or not. You are caught frozen in immobility. All signs point to an obvious out.


You are tired of hearing the same old stuff from people who don’t know what it’s like to walk in your shoes. You’ve been working a long time and have developed a decent reputation. Now you stand to lose a lot more than you ever thought. Take care of the basic stuff first.


Your temper can sometimes get the better of you, though you try very hard not to let it ruin you relationships. It is going to ruin them, though, if you don’t find a better way to express your frustration. A long held dream at last becomes a reality.


You have moved a long distance but not gone very far. You welcome lessons from people who understand and can teach. You are afraid of what lies ahead. Do not underestimate the power of a positive attitude. It can work wonders and greatly improve your life.

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