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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


In the beginning it was just you and a certain someone. But your circle has widened to include some very important allies and confidences. You may find all of this shifting significantly. In time, though, you will learn that you had it right originally.


You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Your destiny is such that you have more choices in the future than you do now. For the time being, rely on experts no matter where they are. Find them even if they can’t be found.


Juggling jobs and vacation dreams is getting you down; you can’t be everywhere, you can’t do everything. The trick is to be more selective. More bang for your buck, only the best people, the best places, the best things.


When time takes hold you must learn to bend or you’ll break. Circumstances may be beyond your control. Just roll with it. Your generosity will pay off eventually. You might not reap the rewards immediately but sooner or later you will feel like the BMOC.


You can’t keep coming up with excuses for other people. You just have to let be what will be. Other people are on their own journeys and they do not effect your path. Stay steady and you will come out on top whether you planned it or not.


Time well spent will be the time you have been inspired. Trust your instincts. Something is leading you toward a revelation. Open your mind to it and your heart will follow. Look for a secret clue in the least likely place.


You have too many complications right now with a certain friendship. Don’t take on their burden as well. In the meantime try focusing on the trees rather than the forest or you might feel like you bit off more than you chew. But luck is on your side.


Deception is the leading motivator for a certain someone in your life. They are good at it. Don’t be fooled but keep your calm and your reason about you. The gifts you receive this week, career and love wise, are in abundance.


Your past comes back to haunt you in a good way. You will find that time is the great equalizer. People who were intimidating in the past are now just people. And you feel more on a level playing field and not less than.


Just because you reached on stumbling block doesn’t mean you are going to lag behind forever. Don’t do what you can’t accomplish quickly or you will overload yourself. Also, listen to your own advice – you might be shocked to see how smart you are.


You will feel some comfort in returning to old favorites in film and music. Sometimes that’s where our roots are dug in so deep that they flavor all of the leaves. Also, it’s never too early to think about your legacy: what will you leave behind?


Don’t put off the necessary things until the last minute. You will run out of time every time. You will run out of money every time. Just because you’ve gotten out scraped recently doesn’t mean you are out of trouble completely. Be sober in your life.

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