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Letters to the Editor:

I am constantly indebted to the Mirror for its articles telling it like it is in Santa Monica, Sacramento, and Washington. One such article is Messrs. Hamburg & Seiler’s “State of Emergency” (June 19-25) which points out, among other dangers to us, the complete control that the president now has should there occur what he considers a “catastrophe.” This power was given in 2007, long after we hoped to be safe with a democratic congress.

However, if a “catastrophe” is allowed to happen, it should be the kiss of death to the republican leaders. In addition to showing their complete inability to get the leaders of Al Qaeda during the war in Afghanistan and their complete inability to establish a safe government during their occupation of Iraq, it would prove that they are also completely incapable of preventing terrorism here which should finally awaken Americans to demand a fair election and to vote for the change that would make us once again the “land of the free”.


Cecilia Rosenthal

Editor’s Note:

A letter was printed last week with a list of various city officials “cc’d” by the Friends of Sunset Park at the end of the letter. The Mirror wishes to clarify that those individuals were not signees of the letter and we did not wish to imply their endorsement.

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