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LUCE Consideration Continues:

The City Council continued its consideration of the Strategy Framework for the Land Use and Circulation Elements (LUCE) of the City Plan at its July 16 meeting, concentrating on boulevards and districts in the city. Again, no vote was taken, as the Council intends to consider and discuss the various components of LUCE before deciding whether to direct the Planning and Community Development Department to proceed on its current course.

In meetings on July 8 and 9, the Council considered transportation aspects of LUCE, including pedestrian, bicycle, and auto networks and parking, as well as the various city “neighborhoods” defined in the current draft. The consideration of LUCE will continue at the Council’s July 22 meeting, at which time a vote may be taken inasmuch as the Council has cancelled its August meetings.

The City Council normally meets twice a month, but its consideration of LUCE – a 20-year planning tool – has caused it to meet every week since June 10.

In other action, the Council considered the electronic filing of campaign finance statements in Santa Monica so as to allow voter access to searchable reports on donations and expenditures. They strongly encouraged such electronic filing in the 2008 election and directed staff to study mandatory electronic filings in 2009.

Finally, with respect to the hedge ordinance, the Council directed city staff to propose an anticipated schedule for hearings under the current interim ordinance in as expeditious a manner as possible without sacrificing due process, and to then proceed with the preparation of a permanent ordinance.

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