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The New Corsair Field Is Taking Shape:

Corsair Field was built in 1947 and for 60 years football has been played there on natural grass.

 The field has heavy use and each season it isn’t long before it’s in bad shape. When there’s rain it’s quite below standards.

 But that’s in the past. Artificial turf is being installed and in a few months the 2008 season will begin with a new look.

 Each day the new look is taking shape. The grass is gone. Bulldozers have been in place.

 The $2.7 million project was made possible by bond Measure S, which was passed in 2004.  It includes a resurfaced track and new stadium lighting.

 Fans will see football games played without being marred by mud. Weather won’t be a factor in who wins.

 In future weeks we will inspect how the turf will affect strategy. If a professional team played at Corsair Field it would likely take the turf into consideration in putting together a roster. The emphasis would be on speed.

 However, it’s less likely that Santa Monica College or Santa Monica High can plan their rosters and field teams with such specific skills.

 SMC can recruit, but in the uncertainty of community college sports, where there are no letters of intent, limiting your choices can be dangerous. Skip a player who wants to play there because his skills aren’t suited to the turf, could leave you having a shortage of talent.

 Of course, the problem is even greater for the high school. Choosing players for a roster would be tricky.

And so, we’ll have to wait for a season to be played before learning the effects of Corsair Field’s FieldTurf.

 SMC has announced that its home opening football game will be played Sept. 27 at 1 p.m. against LA Valley. Early reports about the players learning the system in a conditioning class are that the offense is struggling.

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