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Veteran Police Officer Sues City For $10 Million:

A veteran Santa Monica Police Department captain has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the City of Santa Monica and his department superiors, claiming he was retaliated against for disclosing alleged misconduct by a superior officer.

Santa Monica police Captain Mark Smiley, a 26-year veteran, alleges that Police Chief Timothy Jackman and Deputy Chief Phil Sanchez have falsely accused him of lying about the number of hours he worked and misappropriating $58,000 in department funds. Smiley claims that the accusations levied against him were an act of retaliation by his superiors for disclosing alleged misconduct by Sanchez. Smiley alleges that Sanchez had a police officer perform schoolwork for the deputy chief’s master’s degree while on duty.The veteran police captain is seeking $10 million in damages, claiming that he has suffered severe emotional distress and irreparable harm to his reputation and ability to secure meaningful future employment. City officials declined to comment.

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