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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


There have been too many people poking around in your business so that you are more worried about pleasing them and less focused on what you need to accomplish. Excellence and compromise go well together.


Begin again without trying to repeat past patterns. It’s always good to know the right kind of people in the right places. Your frustrations are only temporary. Sooner or later things go to seed if they aren’t weeded and maintained.


You can’t remember your place in the world when you are faced with people who like to measure success by assets you can see. You are wise to value that which can’t be bought. You are good at taking responsibility, something you should be proud of.


Teamwork will make all the difference this year. You have to struggle more than you did last year. Don’t fret when someone isn’t forthcoming. The truth is out and it’s going to reveal itself sooner rather than later.


You must learn to manage your own expectations. If they go too high, it will be hard to come down. If you don’t have any you’ll have nowhere to go. Keep them realistic. Don’t beg. You get what you’re worth. Just do good, consistent work.


It seems like things never end. There has to be more to life than the same repetitive action. Don’t forget to prioritize. When you have a shot at something substantial put your might behind it. It’s a good time to draw inspiration from older and wiser folks.


You can get through the hard stuff by tricking yourself into thinking you’re doing something easy. If you don’t enjoy it you will agonize from one moment to the next. Resistance is proof you are either in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing.


You get help when you need it most and from an unexpected source. Just make sure you can be easily found. The people you used to think were better than you now seem just like everyone else. Time has a way of smoothing out the edges.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s a cliché but it remains true. The end comes to us all one way or another and every day we’re here is a day we become more – stronger, smarter, more wise. Every day is proof.


The key to all of this is just being honest when the time comes. Hiding the truth to spare others’ feelings results in a worst case scenario where everyone is let down. Value your power to deliver the message in all of its glory.


You can’t focus on the paths of others but must focus only on your own. We all have a different idea of what we’re destined to do. It’s not necessary to be a copycat. You must break the mold and do it your way.


You have to live in the moment and try to do your personal best each time. You can’t thinking beyond the moment right now because it will lead to heartache. Figure out what you can’t live without and go from there. Your future is at stake.

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