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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


A disappearing act may in order as you find ways to flee an awkward or emotionally uncomfortable situation. The good news is that time is on your side; the longer you can put off a direct confrontation, the duller the edge will be as the years wear on.


Never mess with a winning streak. All of the things that are working now will continue to work. An old friend seems to be in need of support and you are the only one who can give the right kind of advice. Look forward to something valuable in the mail.


You learn that you can’t always get what you want no matter how many different ways you work it out. But keep trying anyway. Every once in a while you hit the mark and things work out beautifully. Watch your temper these days and make sure it heads in the right direction.


You hardly know what to do with yourself lately so much is either going right or is about to go right. This is a positive upturn for you in general and that makes it a great time to take risks creatively. Ask the question you’ve always wanted to ask.


Your life is heading off in all different directions. Some of it is good, some of it is challenging. You’ll discover that you have more inner strength than you ever thought possible. There is some heartbreak in your midst.


You are very good with making peace and not very good bearing grudges. What is complicating matters these days is that you are being forced to bear a grudge and it is becoming increasingly annoying. You can’t win them all.


The one that got away still haunts you to this day. You will be given the opportunity to redo some part of that relationship, even if it isn’t with the same person. You will be at a crossroads and given a hard choice to make.


You should have no regrets, especially about doing what comes naturally. It’s when you step outside of your comfort zone and act against your nature that you run into trouble. Life is too short to hold back.


You are coming up against the tough questions. There are so many of them. The direction of your life is mapped out, or so you think. Leave room for last minute craziness that takes hold and spins you around, gloriously, in a different direction.


You never know how things will be turning out, especially when you are making things up as you go along. What seems impossible now will be less serious in time. Don’t put your head in the sand, though. Keep it way high out of respect and courage.


You can’t control everything, even if it’s tempting. You feel some frustration with how it all was divided up. Have compassion, especially when you’re feeling like a winner. Have compassion especially when you’re feeling like a loser.


You are wading through unchartered waters. You have one foot in the past and one foot in the future and you aren’t sure which thing to give up. Look at the big picture and act accordingly. Don’t make choices out of fear.

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