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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


Take the long way around when someone or something offers you a short cut. You get lost if you try to skip steps. You will have a good guide, though, lighting your way. A distance love will return with more promises.


Stay on top of the clutter. Something you really need right now is buried. You must honestly tell someone a truth that will not be fun to say out loud. Getting in touch with people from your past reminds you of your old self, in a good way.


The changes you experience in your work life are brought back home. You are crazed these days and only have a few precious moments to spend getting things back to normal. Use them wisely. There are so many great opportunities headed your way.


You have to go all the way back to the beginning if you want to find reasons for the way things are. You will have to comfort a family member or friend who isn’t as good at being diplomatic as you are. Strange vibes come from a person in a superior position.


You aren’t quite ready to stop being mad about a recent event that left you feeling bitter and angry. You have to worry when you are accused of doing something you didn’t do. Be calm. You know you are in the right.


You haven’t gotten over the loss of someone very important to you. You haven’t even finished with this, really. How can you finish it? You must do the work. A long letter could work wonders, or maybe a short story.


You have to learn to walk on your own and not be joined at the hip with someone who is wonderful but who is dragging you down. Once you break free your real life will begin. Think in terms of having group friendships and not just one-on-one.


How fun it will be once the burden of proof is lifted. You will feel the urge to do something you’ve never done before. You ought not to always be the one who does the “right” thing. Be a mischief maker.


You are getting something really wonderful. You can’t make someone be perfect when you want them to. None of us is perfect and thus, we have to live with and deal with imperfections. Those are the things, though, that make up our character.


You can’t do it all alone, nor can you fix something that is beyond your scope. Don’t feel badly about letting go of what you used to rely on. We all change, we all must evolve past where we have been stuck for too long – a new haircut, new clothes, a new car.


You get what you pay for. If you want something on the cheap you’re going to have to live with it not lasting forever. What needs to last forever though? Live in the now and please yourself for now. If it is something you’ll deal with someday, deal with it now.


You always surprise yourself with all that you can achieve when you put your full strength into it. It always seems like something that will collapse but your strength holds it up. Give yourself lots of credit for that. You are very strong, despite those who try to convince you otherwise.

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