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Make Small Acts of Romance Part of Your Everyday Life:

It’s said too many times: “If I had more time, I could really be romantic.” But according to experts, making time for tender moments should be a top priority in a relationship and it’s something couples really need to work toward. Long known as a leader in romance because of its tie to “The Love Boat,” Princess Cruises has its own Department of Romance made up of noted authorities in various facets of relationships. Together, they offer their tips for achieving, maintaining and perfecting romance throughout various stages of life.

Alex Michel, America’s first “Bachelor,” offers a unique perspective after looking for true love while dating 25 eligible women on live television. Alex believes that “the secret to a successful relationship is in making everyday life romantic. The best couples learn how to have fun and be romantic while lost in the car or shopping for groceries. Couples who can infuse romance into daily life maximize their fun, happiness and closeness.” Alex also feels that three “must haves” in a relationship are good communication, mutual support and chemistry.

Trish McDermott, vice president of love (nice job!) at Engage.com and former vice president of romance at Match.com, agrees. “Most of our love lives are not the makings of a major motion picture, nor are they fodder for a romance novel,” she says. “They are ordinary, sometimes difficult, often surprising and occasionally hilarious moments pieced lovingly together by acts of generosity, compassion, insight, kindness and inspiration. While larger-than-life romantic extravaganzas are the memorable love stories many of us will one day pass on to our children, everyday romance is the glue that keeps a couple together.”

“Engaged couples anticipate their wedding day as the biggest and best day of their lives but they need to remember that behind the gorgeous setting, dress and flowers is the biggest gift of all-their lifelong partner and best friend,” says Lisa Light, destination wedding expert and founder of DestinationBride.com. “Too often, couples get lost in the planning and parties and forget that the real reason behind the wedding is their love for each other. They should celebrate the big day and then come back to their daily routines refreshed and ready to enjoy the time that truly connects them as husband and wife.”

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, famous couples therapist, comments that “at the start of most relationships, romance is unquestionably a top priority. Against all odds, we’ve found ‘the one’ and they occupy a major portion of our thoughts and dreams…and time. Yet as time passes, priorities shift and relationships have to adjust and grow deeper, more committed and more expressive. Too often, relationships can be unintentionally relegated to the backseat as overwhelming schedules bully their way into a couple’s life. Understandably, they often find it challenging to shift focus, relax and rekindle romance. Getting away together, whether if it’s just for dinner or a vacation, is a great way to recapture the wonderful connections that brought you together in the first place.”

Gavin MacLeod, actor and former captain of “The Love Boat,” agrees that putting yourself into a romantic environment can help “stoke the flames of romance.” He and his wife, Patti, make it a point to take a cruise vacation every year. “Once we get aboard a cruise ship we find that we can totally relax, recharge our relationship and indulge in romantic dinners, moonlight walks on deck and just enjoy each other’s company without distractions.”

According to Princess Cruises’ Department of Romance members, romance is a balance between everyday life and special occasions, and whether dating or happily committed, acts of romance should be frequent and meaningful.

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