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Puff Piece: A Rich and Creamy Yet Simple Dessert:

Some of the most delectable desserts are served at weddings or fancy restaurants. But for those with a hankering for luscious treats, many favorites can be made simply and enjoyed at any time.

One example is Croquembouche, most commonly seen as a wedding cake. An airy tower of cream puffs, this tasty creation doesn’t require a professional pastry chef to assemble-just a trip to the Frozen Dessert section of your supermarket and 10 minutes in the kitchen. Kozy Shack cream puffs create a quick Croquembouche, with flaky pastry. Be it a formal party, a friendly get-together, or a family meal, the following recipe can serve as a masterful ending:

Cream Puff Tower


2 packages (8.8 oz. each) Frozen Cream

Puffs®, thawed

3⁄4 cup prepared caramel sauce

Spread 2 to 3 tablespoons caramel sauce on flat serving platter, forming a 9-inch circle. Place one ring of 11 cream puffs around the outside to form a circle; fill in the center of the circle with 6 cream puffs. Continue layering cream puffs and sauce 3 more times to form a tower. Top with one final cream puff and drizzle remaining sauce over the top.

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