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Whimsical and Fun Beach Wedding Ideas:

People love beach weddings. The beach is certainly a great appropriate place to celebrate love. The beach is after all a wonderful marriage of natural beauty. The sea breeze caresses your skin, the sand, your feet and the sea, your senses. It is one of the most romantic natural settings available for such a momentous event.

If you do decide to have a beach wedding, then you must consider a few things. Your bridal dress must be appropriate for the setting. It should not be too loose as to keep flailing and flapping in the wind during the course of the wedding. It also shouldn’t be too restricting; this is after all the beach, you want to move around and have fun. You wouldn’t also be able to wear your high heels. Flat shoes are the way to go with beach weddings. If you happen to feel especially bubbly that day you can take your shoes off all together and go barefoot.

Your jewelry should also be made up of shells for a perfect beach look. In keeping in line with the beach theme, your invitations should be casual and fun. You can have your fancy beach themed invitations done with some materials found at the beach. The invites can be lined with decorative sand. Waves, fish and seashells could be a recurring design on envelopes. To maintain the illusion, the physical set up of the beach site should be as natural as possible and the decorations consistent to the beach theme.

The décor must be whimsical and bright. It should match everything in the place. The colors chosen should be of the lighter palette. Dark tones should be avoided as they convey a more formal setting. The linens for tables and chairs should continue the illusion with their cheerful colors. Centerpieces can be of a tropical design that’s as natural as possible. You can use tropical flowers and fruits. These would surely be great additions to the overall beach theme.

Also the food at the reception should be light and fun to eat. Give your guests a full tropical experience and serve seafood and tropical style chilled drinks.

Beach weddings are fun and whimsical. They offer a different twist to the whole wedding experience. They allow you to have fun during the celebration instead of adhering to strict rules of conduct in a traditional setting. Have a beach wedding if you want to truly have a perfect wedding experience.

You can use the above Beach Wedding Ideas as a good starting point for creating the perfect Beach Wedding.Kelly Hann has attended and helped planned 14 weddings that led to her passion in all things related to weddings. She currently runs a website that gives Creative Wedding Ideas and Wedding Planning advice.

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