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From Patio To Party Space:

(NAPSI)-Out, it seems, is in again. Patio parties are increasingly popular, as Americans want to both stay close to home and make the most of the home they have.

To help you get in on the outdoor fun, the interior design experts at HGTV offer three easy steps for setting an excellent outdoor buffet table:

STEP 1: Start with a theme based on a color or subject matter. One idea is to use a colorful scarf as a runner across a white tablecloth. Then add aspects to the table that complement the scarf.

STEP 2: Choose a centerpiece or other focal point. This can be a traditional flower arrangement or even a chic lighting fixture. Then, if you like, add extras such as a silk flower garland, ribbons, or fabrics that visually tie in with your theme.

STEP 3: Add appropriate embellishments. For instance, assemble miniature bouquets by tying small bunches of flowers together with wire and then winding the stems with matching ribbons. If you’re feeling particularly artsy, make candleholders out of terra-cotta pots by painting them, turning them upside down, and gluing matching saucers to the bottom. Now you have pretty pedestals for pillar candles.

A delicious outdoor buffet can be easier to arrange than many people realize. Sometimes all it takes is thinking outside the, er, house.

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