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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You are at one with the universe, which means all things collide in a beautiful way. You find you can’t quite get the reaction from someone you were hoping for. Perhaps they can’t quite see beyond the immediate and so they are a little blinded by false perceptions.


You see progress but you feel like things are moving too slowly. What makes us reach for something and yet holds us back at the same time? Somewhere in there is still a need to create, to have something that’s yours to give to the world.


You are reaching the point where you just can’t do anymore. You can apologize anymore, you can’t fight anymore, you can’t struggle anymore. But when you realize you can’t laugh anymore that’s when you know something’s gotta give. Somewhere, something drastic must change.


You feel hope still. Your dreams are still as palpable as they always were it’s just that reality works to dissolve it. Just remember that reality, like fantasy, is still a matter of perception. Your reality of yourself and your life can shift when you decide it can.


You are being challenged in ways you never thought possible. You are rising to them, each and every one, but you can’t help but think there is more to come. Strength is the key to holding it all together and you get strength by leaning on those you can count on.


Before you now it, it’s all over much too quickly. You are missing the things that used to make you feel alive. You are missing them because to focus, you need to do without them. Reach for a balance so that you aren’t too emptied out.


You forget the power of silence. The quiet that comes from absolutely no noise? We tend to fill our loneliness with white noise in order to not be alone with our thoughts but the truth is, without silent contemplation there can be no true evolution.


It isn’t ever easy to move from one place, especially when you feel so grounded. No one ever said it had to be easy. Somehow through the difficulty you’ll feel it more, which will make you work harder, and your effort will show.


You are an intuitive person and you are often right when it comes down it. You change your mind about people when you get to know them but you can always rely on your first impression to tell you how it is. Don’t ever forget that.


You can’t have an explanation for everything. At some point you need help with what you can’t handle. Right now, you are unable to deal with keeping a tap on your emotions, your anger, your frustration. It’s time to seek refuge to make room for joy.


You know where you’re supposed to be. It may take time getting there but the knowledge is clear. You have so many great partners and friends who will help you along when the time is right. You have control over your when and where. You even have control over your why.


You are so close to realizing how firm you can be with others. It’s not your most obvious trait, to be sure, but it’s there. You must be on the moral side of things in order to know your decisions are the right ones. Keep hunting down those bargains. You’ll find a good one soon.

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