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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Actions speak louder than words. You’re sending out messages maybe without even knowing it. Pay attention to who might be listening. Closing the door on a bad chapter in your life proves profitable.


When all else fails you can go back inside yourself and find salvation. Technology will fail you in a big way. Love might feel like too much work. Life seems to ask for too much, which always feels like it doesn’t give back nearly enough.


You are afraid to butt in because really it isn’t your place but you can hold out only so long before you are forced to come clean. You are helping the situation by speaking up, not by being silent. It’s time for a change of scenery, maybe a new cast of characters.


You are holding a secret that has been bothering you, gnawing at you to the point of irritation. What you’re looking for can be found. Things are going to really change for you this year. Be ready. When you get what you’ve been longing for, don’t forget to give back.


People are messing with your personal and domestic situation. You aren’t taking kindly to meddlers. Your generosity will pay off big time. Lend an ear to a needy soul and hold back the lecture for now. You can’t possibly know everything.


There is much to look forward to as you head cleanly out of the past and make your way towards a brighter beginning. There is much to atone for. People were hurt in the process. You can address it head on if you’re tired of the silent treatment. Otherwise, this too shall pass.


On the run but not for long. A memory comes to life and straight out of your past. A spat grows into a longer argument. You find it is not so hard to lie about something and be believed. Your nature dictates honesty.


You must say thanks to a long lost friend for giving you something priceless. Only you know what really went down. But you have never forgotten the good, the bad and the ugly. As we make our way through life we must never forget to thank those who helped us along the way.


Sometimes you feel like you can’t feel anything anymore. You’ve become comfortably numb, unable to feel the highs and lows of our life, but just function day to day, hoping to get through it with no major tragedies. Not a good way to live. Time to patch the tire.


You have to forget about controlling the situation and work on controlling yourself, especially when you feel the urge to lash out. Remember that your temper is very strong and can be very damaging. Take more time working through alternatives before giving in.


You are not used to being told no and would prefer to get a yes more often. You are only half-paranoid. There is some truth to your suspicions but perhaps not to the degree that you are thinking. You also have a mildly guilty conscience which isn’t helping matters.


Way to go on making progress in your life. Subtle messages back and forth pave the way for a deeper relationship. Be wary of jealous folks looking to step in a divide. Sometimes you just have to take things on faith because you will never find the proof.

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