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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


What is your ticking time bomb? It seems like you will soon be confronted with many things, but what will be the thing that sets you off? Tough to say. You must be strong, however, to defeat the rage. Put it into positive action.


You learn that in giving advice it doesn’t always take hold. You can only do what you can do. No one is ever going to be perfect. Your help is essential to them, however, though it is such a big responsibility for you. Keep your own time to yourself, guilt free.


Put your best foot forward when meeting someone new, especially someone from another’s family. Don’t forget that manners mean more than just about anything when presenting yourself. Don’t get too wrapped up in physical appearance; it doesn’t mean as much as how you treat other people.


A journey has taken you across many lands to find what you were looking for. Maybe you found it, maybe you didn’t but you know that it is in the looking that counts most. The getting there is where its at, never forget that. You can do a lot just by doing nothing.


It’s time for action, not hesitation. You are open to new avenues and you do have a conscience. You never want to see anyone fall off the face of the earth. At the same time you have to be realistic. Having the upper hand only means something if you can keep it down most of the time.


The focus is on reaching outside for yourself to find a different answer. Perhaps you must come to terms with the fact that what you’ve known all these years, what you’ve come to count on, isn’t always in your own best interest.


Change is a positive thing, even if it aches at times. You can’t always prevent it and hide in the comfort of your own safety net. Step outside of it and know good times, real times. Be brave and take big kid steps.


You are rushing from one spot to the next with no end in sight. If you speed through life you’ll never get where you’re going and hit the right spot. You’ll always be leaping past it, flying by. Find safe landing but stay on target.


The focus is on friendships and relationships. Don’t be fooled by what you see on the outside. Take another look and don’t worry about having everything go right all of the time. The mistakes are what make it so much fun.


You keep being fooled by the promises of others. You must have a more open mind and not take the opinion of others as the gospel. On the other hand, realize that you are not always right and your stubbornness can often set you back years.


It isn’t always a new beginning. Sometimes is a rusty start. Sometimes it’s starting new. Other times it’s renewing something precious and lasting. Know the difference because it will make all of the difference. We aren’t always required to change something that works, only to appreciate it.


Rushing from one event to the next makes time speed by too quickly for you. On the other hand, you haven’t been properly planning for emergencies and therefore you scramble from crisis to crisis. Stop, plan and take the time.

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