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Political Directory: Can’t Tell the Players Without a Program:

With the election season upon us, the Mirror presents the following directory of some of the local players on the political scene whose voices will be heard during the campaigns in the next two months. The Mirror Power Meter represents the editors’ opinion of the relative strength and influence of each organization or campaign. The Description of each group is taken wherever possible from the group’s own literature or statements, and so indicated by quotation marks.


Community for Excellent Public Schools – “dedicated to the preservation and betterment of public schools in the Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District.”excellentpublicschools.org. 310.586.4499.


Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce – “advocates and represents business’ interests and issues affecting the community. We provide the environment to help our members prosper and succeed through a proactive working partnership with all levels of government and community organizations to achieve a healthy local economy and quality of life.” smchamber.com. 310.393.9825.


Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution – “addressing the ever-growing problems of air and noise pollution, as well as other environmental and safety concerns due to the increased jet traffic and jet size at Santa Monica Airport ….” jetairpollution.com. 310.479.2529.


Leadership Effectiveness Accountability Direction for Santa Monica-Malibu Public Schools – “a grassroots association of parents, community members and education advocates who share the goal of helping the [SMMUSD] develop a higher standard of accountability, openness and effectiveness in its leadership. We are a constructively critical and solution-based organization.” SMMLEAD@aol.com.


Residents Initiative to Fight Traffic – now Proposition T on the ballot – “a ballot initiative created by SMCLC to fight our city’s ever worsening traffic by limiting local commercial growth.” smrift.com. 310.452.RIFT (7438)

Santa Monica Fire Fighters – IAFF Local 1109

“The men and women of Santa Monica Fire Fighters feel honored and proud to serve this outstanding community. They proudly risk their lives daily to provide structural fire fighting, paramedic services, urban search & rescue and hazardous material responses to the citizens of Santa Monica.” smfire.org. 310.829.7633

Save Our City

A campaign in opposition to RIFT (Proposition T) made up of “the broadest coalition in our city’s history. This historic coalition is made up of teachers and parents, firefighters and police officers, homeowners and renters, social service and religious leaders, and nurses and doctors.” saveourcitysm.com.


Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City – “a group of people who have come together to ensure that those of us who call Santa Monica our home have meaningful input into the development decisions that affect our lives.” smclc.net. 310.395.8044.


Santa Monica Police Officers Association – “has been a member of the community since 1937. We represent the 220 men and women who fill the ranks of the Santa Monica Police Department.” smpoa.us. 310.393.1003.


Santa Monicans for Renters Rights – the first item on a wide-ranging platform: “A primary goal of SMRR is to support, defend and enhance rent control and tenant protections locally, regionally and statewide.” smrr.org.


An organization “in opposition to the City’s planned destruction or relocation of scores of mature ficus trees in the Santa Monica Downtown District.” treesavers.blogspot.com. 310.399.1000

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