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Prop. T Launches New Website:

Saying that the opposition to Proposition T on the November ballot features “developer deceptions,” supporters of the measure that would generally limit commercial growth to 75,000 square feet per year launched a new website – – on Monday, September 15, to “separate fact from fiction” about the ballot measure.

The name of the site is a play on the opposition campaign, Save Our City, whose website is

“We’ve been getting a few calls and emails from residents alarmed by the developer disinformation campaign against Prop. T,” said Diana Gordon, who is co-chairing the Proposition T campaign.

“This new website sets the record straight and addresses developer scare-mongering by providing residents with quick and truthful answers to the lies being spread about Proposition T.”

“If they were being truthful, the opposition would change their name from ’Save Our City’ to ’Save Our Developers,’” she said, “since 99 percent of their funding comes from developers or those who work for them.”

Santa Monica Planning Commissioner Terry O’Day, who co-chairs the opposition to Proposition T, said, “. More than half our funding has come from people and small businesses that live or work in Santa Monica, but that’s not the point.” He added, “The campaign against Proposition T has the broadest base of support that I have seen for any campaign in this community.”

The proposition has become “one of the most contested in Santa Monica history with proponents already fielding more than 100 volunteers and opponents building an unprecedented campaign war chest, largely from developers,” according to Gordon.

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