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Tips on Getting It Together for College:

(NAPSI)-Applying to college is a big project with lots of tasks and deadlines, and high school juniors and seniors often feel overwhelmed by it all. “We hear that a lot from students,” says Laura Barnes of collegeboard.com. “They need help getting organized.”

By September, juniors should meet with their school counselor to make sure they are taking the courses that colleges look for. September for seniors is a time to meet with their school counselor to finalize their list of colleges and to start a checklist of all application requirements.

Seniors should ask teachers for letters of recommendation in October and draft application essays in November.

Get Alerts on What’s Next

Collegeboard.com, the College Board’s website, makes it easier to get organized online, stay on top of those college-planning milestones and make smart choices. For instance, the site lets you check your “My Calendar” to see upcoming dates and deadlines for tests, college applications and other milestones.

There’s less stress in the college application process when you know what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

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