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Tuning Up Your PC:

(NAPSI)-You wouldn’t expect top performance from your car without an occasional tune-up. The same is true for your PC. Here are a few tips on how to keep it running at optimal efficiency.

Maintenance Is Key: Cleaning your PC with compressed air helps ensure proper ventilation. For desktop PCs, shut down the PC, disconnect the power cord, momentarily press the power button to discharge the capacitors, and then open the PC case to blow out the dust.

Clean Up and Defragment Your Hard Drive: Make the most of the space on your hard drive by removing old programs, etc. To delete software programs, use Control Panel, “Add/Remove Programs” (Windows XP) or Control Panel “Programs” (Vista). Also make sure to delete old cookies and offline Internet files from Internet Explorer.

Make room for new programs and current files by performing a Disk Cleanup, and then use the Windows Disk Defragmenter to increase your hard drive efficiency.

Prevent Viruses Before They Strike: Make sure your anti-virus software is current by performing the required updates at least once a week to keep the virus definition files current.

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