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Celebrity Free Surf:

Surfing stars were the order of the day on two to three foot waves with good shape at the inaugural OCEANA Celebrity Free Surf at Malibu’s Surf Rider Beach last Sunday, September 28. The stars’ 45-minute surf session was a brief interlude in the second annual Malibu Invitational Shortboard Contest. OCEANA is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the seas, and its supporters on Sunday in Malibu included veteran actor and longtime surfer John Savage, as well as Kelsey Grammer (who serves on the Board of OCEANA) and his family. Additional surfer celebrities pictured include (from left): Liza Richardson (KCRW personality); Tom Shadyac (writer/producer/director whose credits include Ace Ventura: Pet Detective); Eric Balfour (Six Feet Under); Sam Trammell (HBO’s True Blood); Veronica Kay-Baker (former professional surfer and Roxy spokesperson); Cameron Richardson (Alvin and the Chipmunks); Chris Bruno (The Dead Zone); and, Spencer Grammer (Family Channel’s Greek).

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