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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Things aren’t going to work properly for the next two days. You’ll get back on track by this time next week but you’ll have to deal with some annoyances until then. Actions speak louder than words. See the end first.


You feel renewed in many ways but one of them is by reconnecting with old voices from your past, people who inspired you and motivated you to change. You’ll get the joke when it comes up and continue to be punished for being smarter than everyone else.


Time has a way of moving around the pieces in your memory so that tragedies don’t even seem so bad when you look back. It’s a time for remembering and appreciating, a time for appealing to your best instincts. Don’t fret over things you can’t change.


You find you must fight dirty when someone backs you into a corner. You can’t keep putting up the same fight, though. You must think outside your comfort zone. You’ll be cheered up by some good news.


There is magic in your life but all you can see is the darkness. Shift perspective by getting back in touch with the things you used to love doing. If you are troubled by life’s frustrations find a way to go crazy for a few minutes every day. Life is hard but it can be joyous.


You don’t understand how someone could drift in and out of your life with such ease. But you are also drawn to people who are self-involved and therefore they rarely think outside their own sphere. Most people just want someone that will listen to them.


The secret to being the most engaging person at the party is to make sure the light is always shining from the inside out. But don’t fake it. If you aren’t feeling it, stay away from people until you feel in your heart it’s right. You aren’t going to let go of what you want.


You have taught your significant other or the person closest to you the ways of your heart and soul. You can still build the same dreams together, get comfortable, and grow old together. You don’t have to agree on everything to be content.


You fumble a bit with technology and feel left behind despite your efforts to keep up with the times. There is nothing to worry about. A student of life is a great thing to be. Keep your questions coming and your mind receptive.


This is the time to step back and let go. You must stop fretting when things get difficult. You can trust people to step in and do things right, despite your strong desire to be in absolute control. It isn’t good for you anyway. It’s time to let others lend a helping hand.


You can’t thank certain people enough for their kind hospitality. Where you would be in life without the great people you know? You really must start giving credit where credit is due and showing your gratitude for those who make your life what it is.


You are a few steps ahead but a few steps back. You tend to ride on luck but luck will only get you so far. Now you must start thinking about safety nets. Reality is a dirt sandwich. But prepare for the worst, just as your elders taught you.

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