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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Take your lead from someone who’s been there, done that. You will be getting clues. Love is in the air in all sorts of strange ways. Congratulate the winner when you feel like you’ve lagged behind. Your own rewards will be plentiful.


You’ll be asked to do something outside your comfort zone and it will frustrate you at first, but soon it will be like second nature. Time has slowed down at the best moment. Doors will open for you. Someone will confide a secret in you.


You have a conflict that will take some time to work out. Others around you will feel pressured to take sides. Best to leave that part alone and concentrate on healing the frayed relationship. You are cast out of a world you used to belong to. But did you ever really belong?


Force yourself to finish what you started before you completely lose interest. It is best to strike while the iron is hot and use up the inspiration, which acts as a kind of a spell. Clean, create, build, unearth, dissolve, remake.


You are still overloaded with a busy schedule. What ways can you come up with to make some of the madness stop? Read the fine print and don’t mistake a business deal for a favor. You also can’t trust everything you read.


Peculiar signs cause you to rethink some of the recent decisions you’ve made. All of the ruminating you’ve done has only gotten you so far. It’s a time for action, maybe not a time for long, deep thinking. You know what needs to be done.


Pressure pins you down and you must follow your objectives as precisely as you can. What you say isn’t always what you mean. You will have trouble making your thoughts known this week. Communication is all jumbled. You have good luck.


You feel bored with what you’ve been doing day in and day out. Boredom causes you to steer yourself down unpredictable paths. Watch this, though, because it could become a hindrance. You have an unsuspected talent you’ve recently discovered.


You feel your heart pulling you in a specific direction and you know that you were born to do something important, to really make a difference. The jumping off point is terrifying but essential. The future is looking better, brighter.


Prepare yourself for the cold, hard truth and know that no matter what it is you can handle it. Your heart hurts for those who are having trouble, especially when you can’t intervene. Life can be cruel but people can be strong. Help others build strength.


You aren’t capable of failing at what you are best at. Remember that if you keep getting knocked out you aren’t doing the best thing you could be doing because the thing you’re good at, you’re really good at. Celebrating our talents is never easy.


You remember back to the better, more balanced times and you wonder how everything got so off track. You need to get yourself into a better rhythm so that you aren’t losing your mind, body and soul all at once. Take a class, read a book, take a day trip somewhere.

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