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State Measures: Know the Facts, And Make Your Vote Count:

With Obama up big time in California and therefore the overwhelming favorite to win all the state’s electoral votes, this is a “free vote” for progressives… exercise that vote by supporting either one of these outstanding tickets.


Nader / Gonzalez or McKinney / Clemente.

Prop 1: HSR (High Speed Rail) is a good thing in terms of energy consumption but environmentalists claim that the preferred route (Altamont Pass) would be highly disturbing to wildlife. No position.

Prop 2: nStop animal abuse and help save family farms. Vote Yes.

Prop 3: We need a single payer health care system while this proposition simply perpetuates the status quo. Vote No.

Prop 4: This measure has already been defeated twice. The third time should not be a charm. Vote No.

Prop 5: This is a long and complex intiative that shouldn’t be on the ballot (the legislature should address these issues but doesn’t have the gumption). Prop 5 will allow judges to divert nonviolent offenders and hopefully ease the woeful overcrowding of the state’s prisons with same. Vote Yes.

Prop 6: “Crack down” is the mantra of the so-called crime fighters. This proposition will result in more children being thrown into prison. Save your “yes” votes for schools and youth employment programs. Vote No.

Prop 7: Subsidizes businesses and power companies for making minimal efforts to develop clean energy. We need decentralized on-site cogeneration. Prop 7 takes us in the opposite direction. Vote No.

Prop 8: This should be a no-brainer. Just another Republican Party effort to “rally the base.” Vote No.

Prop 9: Even the former warden of San Quentin State Prison is opposed. This proposition is mostly about revenge and duplicates existing laws. Vote No.

Prop 10: Are Californians really anxious to subsidize T. Boone Pickens? A real alternative energy plan is within our grasp. This proposition is all about high-rolling corporate capitalists. Vote No.

Prop 11: We desperately need electoral reform. This proposition ain’t it. No help for alternative parties, no proportional representation. Vote No.

Prop 12: This proposition continues the Veterans’ Bond Act for the Cal-Vet Home Loan Program started in 1922. The federal government is not doing right by veterans. Californians should. Vote Yes.

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