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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Take charge of your own schedule. You make the rules. Don’t be bullied by trying to help other people. Focus down on your own life. Remember that you can be so great when you have the time to do so. Without freedom, you will flounder.


The technological world has brought you back in touch with many people you haven’t heard from in a while. That means that it’s a small world, after all. We tend to let stuff fall away as we get older. Our pain can endure but somehow it can all be erased with a click.


You must not listen to those who are constantly putting you down or making you feel somehow not adequate enough. Who knows where it’s coming from on their end but you most certainly do not have to stand for it. Speak your mind.


How many times have you broken the same promise and then lived to regret it? In order to change the pattern you may have to force yourself to keep the next promise you make, no matter how busy work gets or how pressing another matter is. You will be thankful.


As time ticks away you start to feel slightly uncomfortable about the way things are laying down. You have survived but at what cost? Are you thriving now? Or do you find you go through the motions more often than not? Doing the right thing, reaching out to help others is often more satisfying than anything else.


We’re slipping into magic time, your favorite season. Take comfort in those you love, those who love you, those who stick by you. You are still loved by people who’ve left your life in one way or another. They are working out their stuff and it isn’t your fault.


You feel overworked and underpaid. You hang on because it’s easier that way but really you know that you are being horribly undervalued. There will be that moment when you’ll get to walk away in style and it will all have been worth it.


You are haunted by something you said that you can’t take back. There is only way to fix it and that’s to fix it. Just deal with it by admitting it and moving on. An admission can work like an apology and it helps take the burden off.


It’s coming to the time when it’s more about how much you spend than what you truly want to give. Think about gifts from the heart and act accordingly. Make a list that remembers everyone and treat yourself to the joy of giving.


It’s a time for transitions and acceptance. What you most worry about now is stuff you’ll think is trivial on down the line. But you really have no other choice but to do things this way. Impulse control is a difficult thing to get on top of.


You can’t change who you are on the outside. You can only change what’s inside and then only just barely. Where do your memories go? They are filed away to be brought back out in relation to certain sensations. They are automatic and therefore may be forgotten.

PISCESIt’s getting near the time for you step outside your comfort zone. You know that no one can really hurt you, even if they say horrible things about you. What’s the worst that can happen? You feel bad for a short time and then it’s over. Be strong

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