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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


In the beginning you had several choices to make, some that didn’t involve consultation with others because you knew it would just be too hard to speak it out loud. But other choices you made because someone else talked into it. Those are usually the ones you regret. Go with your gut.


You can’t know what waits for you on down the line until you take a risky plunge. Does happiness exist just outside your comfort zone? If so, you’d better get moving. If not, you must learn to interpret right here, right now as the greatest moment of your life.


Be direct when people hand you a gift. You must be able to communicate good will among your comrades so that when it comes time for your moment in the spotlight you will have a lot of support; it isn’t only about winning.


You are poised to make a big decision that will not only affect your life but the lives of those around you. If you need a confidence booster before you do this make one phone call. If that doesn’t do the trick you aren’t ready and should consider holding off.


You have to make progress before you can walk away a success. Right now, things are going swimmingly, but that could all change within minutes. You don’t need to know how the weather will impact your plans on down the line – you’re ready for anything.


Your heart’s desire is just within reach. Make sure not to torment those you really need in your life. Too much focus on them, attention needed from them, will suffocate them and they’ll be seeking their freedom elsewhere. Give them enough space to be themselves.


Pay as you go, save as you go, always keep your eye on the big, bad future. It isn’t enough to just survive. You have to make plans because the day is coming when you’ll have to decide on the big things and you don’t want the anxiety of not knowing to haunt you.


You are on a schedule and sometimes you feel like just dropping the ball and staring off into space. That is a good indicator that you are doing too much. When is your downtime? You need that to be whole inside and out.


You managed to get it done just under the wire. Next time, be sure to reserve enough time so that you’re frantically running around trying to beat the clock. You don’t have time to spare doing this. You must be specific and rational about time management.


In trying to control every last aspect of a chaotic situation you have set yourself up to fail and then when you do fail it confirms every bad thing you ever thought about yourself. If you don’t put yourself there, you will never be put in a position to self-punish.


In many ways this is a new beginning for you. While you’ll be dwelling in technology in the coming years, you still can reflect back on those things that make you feel more sane, stuff that isn’t plugged in but is held in your hands. It’s real to you. There is no need to give it up completely.


Be sympathetic to those who are learning about life the hard way, one awful lesson at a time. Because you are past them doesn’t mean you know everything. Back off and respect where everyone else is holding steady. It isn’t your place to judge, but it is your place to listen with compassion.

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