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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Too much too soon, that’s the theme lately. When you get everything you need quicker than you expect it, everything gets thrown off balance. What you need it time to work it all out. Be grateful that you’ve got friends in high places.


Adventure in the high seas? Camping in the Outback? A voyage of some kind is in your future. It will be a major pain getting in and out but ultimately you’ll be glad you did it. There is a lot going on right now and taking a vacation from it all is a great idea.


You don’t have to accept the party line. If you disagree with something you stand up for it, no matter what it costs you. Being bought off is an easy thing to do if you’re desperate enough. But take some time researching before you sign on the dotted line.


A secret morphs into something much bigger. If the truth is just out there it can’t do as much harm as if you bury it for untold amounts of time. Be careful how you reveal yourself. Only talk to those whom you deeply trust.


You find yourself returning to the familiar because it works well for you. The thing you’re most afraid of is not imaginary. It is real and not monstrous. It’s more sad than anything. It’s not too late to make the big changes. Start with small steps.


The time has come to dump out the mess and the clutter and live a more clean, neat life. Chaos makes you crazy. You can’t ignore things much longer before you really regret it in a big way. The time is now. Have faith in yourself, as others do.


The balance is what you seek. When things tip off too far in one direction it sets everything off. You can take away something here, add something there. Eventually you will feel the right equilibrium and you know are back in the harmonious zone. Right now, the hope is wanting.


Give of yourself when you feel like you just can’t take anymore. Give of yourself when you have too much or want too much. Give of yourself when you feel everything closing in. Making lonely people happy, giving homes to lost animals – these are the golden moments.


You move forwards and backwards, depending on how your week is going. Your life is not linear. In some ways, you’re passing time but in other ways you really can only work with what’s happening right now. If this is as good as it gets, it’s pretty good, isn’t it?


It doesn’t seem fair that we have to say to goodbye to people we love. Nothing about life is fair, though, and no one ever promised otherwise. This is why we must learn to manage our anger, sadness and frustration. Otherwise, we will lose our minds. Keep your wits about you.


You are surprised by how much affection other people give to you. And sometimes you don’t feel like you deserve it. Face it, you’re just one of those very special people and there aren’t many of those. Give of yourself what you can. Spread your wisdom.


You reach a point where you can’t give more than you what you are able. Ask yourself why you must give so much there is nothing left. Ask yourself why you need to suffer sometimes. Ask yourself why you have a hard time being selfish. Whom does it really serve?

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