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Santa Monica Means Business: Bracelets For Causes:

The sale of eco-friendly “I’m Tired” bracelets began last week and the concept has really taken off.

In less than a week, over a thousand of the $10 bracelets have been sold.  The bracelets are made from recycled tires and metals, and half of the sale proceeds goes to charity.

Dan Hoffman and his sister Carrie Pollare came up with the idea because they wanted to make a difference in the world.  Their formula is simple: raise money for various causes and charities by selling an item anyone can afford.  According to the “I’m Tired” website, their concept “was sparked by the success of Lance Armstrong’s effort to raise money for cancer with a simple silicone bracelet.”

 They then decided to use their experience in eco fashion to design a bracelet that was both eco-friendly and fashionable.  In an interview with the Mirror, Pollare explained that initially, she and her brother wanted to melt down tires to make the bracelet straps, but soon learned “tires don’t melt, they burn.”  After further research, they found a patented process that pulverizes used tires into a powder, which is then reformed into sheets of rubber.

The next step was hiring jewelry designer, Joseph Bortoli, who, according to the website, came up with the idea to incorporate “a large bead, made from recycled metal, in two different styles, with the words “I’m Tired of” and the cause emblazoned on it.” (For instance, “I’m Tired of Cancer.”)  According to Pollare, “all the rubber and beads used for the bracelets are manufactured in the United States, and the bracelets are assembled in Los Angeles.”

So far there are ten different bracelets available, and the causes they support are AIDS, Alzheimer’s Disease, Animal Cruelty, Autism, Cancer, Child Abuse, Diabetes, Global Warming, Heart Disease and World Hunger.  The public has the opportunity to vote on creating bracelets for additional causes at ImTiredOnline.com.

Some of the charities “I’m Tired” is working with include the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, the Best Friends Animal Society, the Bogart Pediatric Cancer Research Program, the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Hope Heart Institute, and Stop Global Warming.

 Santa Monica-based “I’m Tired” is marketing their bracelets over the Internet, at events, and the charities they are affiliated with are also selling the products.

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