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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You have discovered, by default, that panicking never works. Let the challenges roll right over you. You’re a sturdy ship and you may not always make the right choices but it isn’t easy to sink you either. Someone will be annoying you beyond the brink with neediness.


A treacherous journey has you at sixes and sevens. Who will take you with them and who will abandon you when it comes time to flee the city? Step into high gear and get a moving. Find the ones you can trust and leave behind the rest! Oh wait, it was only a fantasy.


You can’t stop now. You’ve come too far. You’re half a step behind the ones who were once behind you. But this isn’t all or nothing, do or die here. You still have plenty of opportunities to fix this. You just need the right toolkit.


There are too many softies out there for your liking. You need to teach people how to firm up, how to get what’s coming to them and like it. If you sense an inner toughness rearing its ugly head, welcome it with open arms. Honesty will teach you who your friends really are.


A big change is headed your way, one that will upend you from all sides. You can’t run away from responsibility – you can’t run for too long from the hideous life lessons that you are about to wade through. Just make sure you have the right way out of the maze and you’ll be fine.


Putting things off until the last minute gets you into trouble in more ways than one. Do yourself a favor and get it done early. You will double your free time that way. Judge onto others as you would be judged and you’ll gossip less and be more kind.


It has been going your way for a while now. You need a fix-it to get yourself through the mess. You want someone to magically get themselves on the right track but unfortunately, that’s not going to happen any time soon. Keep track of your pennies. Every last one is going to count.


Find a way out of the rage. Listen with your heart and don’t expect too much from those who aren’t willing to give anymore. This is a time where we all huddle together. This is a time for peace, love and charity. So don’t worry – give and you’ll get back tenfold.


You haven’t much time. Save what you have now and throw back what you don’t want. You can’t mess with change. You have to rework it though in order to fudge the outcome to your advantage. The early bird gets the worm.


You can’t remain faithful to everyone at once. You are bound to break a few promises here and there. You are bound to do some double talking, especially when it comes to protecting someone you love. Your heart is in the right place.


You haven’t been forgotten. People show love in different ways and many need extra time to get over the trauma of what they have going at various times. Just remember, we think it’s all about us but really, it isn’t. It’s about everyone all the time.


Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. It could be you didn’t have as many as you thought and now you have to start worrying about where your next egg, or nest egg, is coming from. We wish life were a fairy tale, don’t we? Sadly, it can be a dirt sandwich on occasion. And then it becomes lovely again.

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