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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Rejoice in the newness of this time of year. Try to remember to keep the pressure off your planning ahead and not getting ahead of yourself. You don’t have to go overboard with showing your affection materialistically. Modesty is the theme of the season.


You could be feeling sort of badly about the way it’s all shaking down, job-wise. You maybe feel like you deserve more, or deserve better. It isn’t our place to remind other people how great we are. We can only hope that, along the way, they notice our hard work.


Investigating the source of a rumor could help you rediscover a long, lost soulmate. You never forget your first crush, nor do you ever really get over your first love. As long as you have memories they are bound to haunt you in one way or another. You don’t have to worry about being lost, though. You have been found.


How many different ways can you be told the same thing before getting the message? You see changes in others and admire them. At the same time, you regret not seeing them in yourself. That will have to be the job of someone else because you’ll always be blind to the greatness of you.


Don’t overextend yourself this time of year because you will start to make mistakes. You will also be so blitzed-out tired you won’t remember a thing. Delegate to others who are more than happy to help. This is essential part of the holidays – knowing when to stop.


You are having a crisis of faith lately, doubt seems to be creeping in at the most unsuspected times. The only way around this is by deciding that it’s okay to have questions because those questions often lead to a greater truth. Never stop asking them and never stop seeking.


You regret a minor attitude you gave someone who was just trying to be nice. All you have to do is apologize and not act like you’re the victim. It will make you feel much better in the end anyway to fall on your sword. But if you procrastinate it will only get worse.


You’ll be playing games of cat and mouse where you are finding different places and various ways to hide. But you will be found each and every time so is there any use running away? You’ll have to face the music, unfortunately. It won’t last long and when it’s over a great weight will have lifted.


It’s time to shuck it all and take vacation from your own life. We aren’t designed to struggle with so much stress coursing through our veins. We are really gentle creatures, underneath it all, meant to be sleeping most of the time. De-stress over the coming weeks.


In trying to reach a compromise you are finding it frustrating to do what’s required of you. In many ways you believe you can control the situation but the truth is, you really can’t. You have to share this responsibility.


You are ending something just as someone near and dear is beginning something. You have to act happy even if you aren’t really. You are almost caught up with what you need to do before you can call yourself on top of it. Take the financial loss to gain more free time.


Where is your passion? You are treated to a bit of your past this week and it reminds you that you once did burn brightly with passion and inspiration. You don’t need to lose it just because the wear and tear of life has taken a toll. Try going back down that road again.

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