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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


The worst things in our lives turn into the best things once they’re processed through the filters. Trash recycled into jewels. You never would know it if you hadn’t already been through the ringer. There are great things coming.


Genuine emotion can’t be faked. Clear thinking helps you get through a dark moment. You are moved by someone who goes the extra mile to get something special done for you. At the same time, you are confronted with grouches in the face of inspiration.


Once you start something you must see it through. There is no point in stopping, otherwise you waste all of your time and money for nothing. See it through, no matter if you think it’s a flop. And don’t be so down on yourself – your perfectionism gets in your way.


Believe in the impossible and you’ll get close to it. You might not get there all the way but you’ll realize a small part of a miracle can be just as satisfying as the whole thing. It’s time to take some bold steps, scary though they may be. Reality is worth the time.


You are greatly moved when you see how making something happen as a group is a lot easier than doing it on your own. You will be hit with people who don’t care all that much but you don’t really care because you know that they feel worse about themselves than you ever could.


When people tell you “no” that’s when you must step up to the plate and say yes. That can sometimes mean you are giving more of yourself. What goes around comes around and you’ll be rewarded for your sacrifice. You don’t do it for the accolades anyway; you do it because it’s the right thing to do.


You get a taste of your own medicine this week and find that gossip is just as hurtful when it comes back to you. You think twice about how you spread information. You can only reach out so much before you find you’re speaking into a vacant space. Time is all you need.


It’s easier to let things pile up than it is to deal with them head on. But you will be far more relaxed if you take care of business right away. Otherwise, most of your free time will be spent worrying about everything you’re not doing. You are at peace after the weekend.


Taking precautions to avoid information overload may take you to the canyons where the air is clear and the noise is virtually undetectable. This is the best way to resituate yourself out of the misery of the clutter and chaos this time of year.


You find yourself uncharacteristically jealous when someone else appears to be having a better life than you are. This is probably not healthy, even though unavoidable. Banish the hate from your heart and you will be free.


A confrontation leaves you a little shaken up and you are tempted to have the last word, even if having the last word means you keep fighting and fighting non-stop. It is best to walk away and let time take care of the rest. Deep breathing, a glass of wine, some tea – you know the drill.


Don’t let your health lapse. Stay tuned to your body’s needs. This might mean rearranging the homestead a bit. Or it might mean spending more time outdoors. It has to become a permanent part of your life, though, and not a phase.

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