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Community Meeting Focuses On Artists Studio Projects:

There are two new artist studio projects in the pipeline for Santa Monica. Both of these projects are being developed by Pacifica Equities LLC and are being designed by Shahab Ghods, a principal architect with Plus Architects, Incorporated.

Both projects would be located in the City’s Industrial Conservation Zone if they receive the proper City approvals to be built, explained Ghods at the January 12 community meeting on the projects. Artists would have the option of using their unit in either project to live and work in or they could just work there. Both of the sites that the projects are being proposed for currently contain buildings that are used for offices for different businesses.

One of the projects is being proposed for 1639 11th Street and is called “The Gallery.” This project would contain 56 artist studio condominiums, be 54,164 square feet, have three stories, an open courtyard configuration, a 1,688-square-foot gallery space, and contain a two-level 142-parking-space subterranean parking facility.

Ghods mentioned that the architecture of the project, contemporary- modern, has an industrial look because he wanted to “create something that matches the industrial concept of the area.” He estimated it would cost approximately $200 per square foot to build.

The gallery space will be available for use by those who live and work in the complex and be open for the community for gatherings and other uses. The complex’s Homeowners Association will make decisions about the gallery’s use.

In March or April, Santa Monica’s Planning Commission will review the Gallery project. At that time the Commission will have to decide whether to approve a statement of overriding considerations for the project because its Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) has found the project will have traffic impacts at the intersection of Colorado Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard which cannot be mitigated.

The second project is being proposed for 1610 Colorado Avenue and is called “Colorado Place.” This project would contain 91 artist loft condominiums, be 71,200 square feet, have three stories and contain a two-level 196-parking-space subterranean parking facility. Individual unit sizes would range from 550 square feet to 1,100 square feet.

Ghods stressed that this project “will comply with the City‘s Green ordinance” or exceed its green requirements. Some of the project’s key environmentally friendly features are having solar cells on its roof, using post-consumption materials for its insulation, and having energy efficient elevators.

The project’s architect projected that the project would cost at least $14 million to build. Its DEIR is near completion but the Planning Commission has not scheduled a date for its review.

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