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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


This is the kind of week where someone will surprise you with their depth of feeling, maybe even one that wasn’t called for. When someone overwhelms you with emotion, you have a built-in instinct to back off when you feel those warning signs.


You won’t be surprised when an old friend continues to bug you for advice. You are the best at giving advice and you didn’t get that way by accident. It is okay to say no when the pleading voice comes on the line.


You can’t imagine the good things that are coming in your life because the bad things keep rearing their ugly head. Part of it is that you feel the need to topple over when someone pays attention to you. Projection is a powerful thing.


Agony only increases as your activity level closes in. You have to learn to say no. You can’t keep going this way or the tide will take you under. You can’t know how much someone cares for you until you have that conversation.


Things have been hard but they’re not getting any better. This is the time to refocus off of the standard forms of happiness someone else has been trying to sell you. You will work from the inside out, not the outside in. You will lose something you really loved.


You must make the transition out of being an almost-success to being someone who chooses success on your own terms. The first thing you have to do is let go of your picture-perfect illusion. The next thing you have to do is face the truth.


You hate being a foregone conclusion so you may deliberately shake things up in order to not have to be predictable. Be careful how far you go. Be ready to put on the breaks. You are right in an argument but you’ll never convince the other person.


You continue to be haunted by a face that won’t go away. You know that, in reality, you are filling out the gaps and pretending that what isn’t real could actually be not only real but within your grasp. What seems too good to be true probably is.


You try to relive a time in your past when everything seemed to work but the problem is that it doesn’t work anymore; you aren’t that person. You have changed. Life has changed around you. There is beauty down the road if you refresh your vision.


Don’t worry if everything seems rushed. You are catching up with yourself, which is great. In the beginning there was just you. Now there is another you. You can start all over again without losing the best parts of you.


What is waiting for you when you finally say goodbye to that thing you’ve been so comfortable with all these years? Letting go is hard. Staying around is harder. Make immediate plans to see a place you’ve never been. When you get away, your perspective will be altered just enough.


After all of the heartache and struggle, things have finally paid off for you. But because you’re so used to the other shoe crashing down with a thud, you haven’t yet been able to exhale. But that time has come. You can breathe out. Almost.

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