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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Much has changed in the past few hours and days that it hardly feels like the same place anymore. When it is right change is easy. We glide through transitions without getting stuck in places. Take advantage of the gift of renewal.


You remember back to when things were less complicated and everyone still had their whole lives in front of them. The choices we make, the paths we choose forever alter our destiny. You contemplate these things and reach a decision.


You must reach out if you ever want to break out of the shell you’ve built around yourself. Build a bridge out of solitude. Surely there is more to life than just taking care of your immediate surroundings. Life deals you a spectacular deck.


Your gifts are plentiful, especially when you recognize where they’re coming from. You find yourself giving in when someone begs you to. You are an easy sell when you’re giddy. Keep your wits well about you, however.


You never thought that things would turn out as they did. You only wished for change and look at all you got. You find things you lost. You reconnect with old friends. Your past comes full circle. You get to know someone who can change your life.


When you reach out you find a receptive friend who understands you better than anyone. The devil is in the details, however. Don’t let yourself get tripped up living in a false world. Make yourself available for more work. You will be surprised by how it goes down.


You can’t get very far by alienating your friends. You need other people. This is a time to start trusting again. You can’t really stay where you are; you must move forward. Work hard, make sacrifices. It’s all going to be worth it someday.


You can’t know what the best direction is right now. You just know that there are several options open to you. Watch your temper around the weekend; you might be anxious to blow your stack but hold back, if you can. Your emotions may get the better of you.


When things start to fall apart everyone will be looking around for people to blame. Make sure you aren’t the target of this scorn. It’s easy to find a scapegoat. You have to look beyond the superficial. Looks can be deceiving.


It’s time to start confronting then breaking bad habits. You are in an endless loop that has you failing each and every time. You are needing something you’re not getting but burdening others isn’t going to work in the long run either. No one can get ahead when everyone else is dragging them down.


Make sense of what’s happening before it gets so mumbled you can’t tell the good from the bad. Force the one who continues to be deceptive to start facing reality. You can’t be anybody’s crutch. Times are tough. We all have to look out for each other but only to a point.


You are starting to feel like you’ve been rewarded for a lot of very hard work but the moment you get that reward it is taken away. You have to figure out how to hold on to what you’ve rightfully earned. Do not spend it or give it away. You must respect your time.

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