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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


A new beginning offers hope and some forgiveness. You find yourself able to mend a rift that’s been widening for months now. Confusion is really the reason you’ve been taking so long to respond. Clarity is all you need.


You haven’t gotten much farther in your quest to make sense of the feeling of futility. You are driven crazy by someone who lives nearby. If only things could ease up just a little bit you could have some much needed breathing room.


They’re not all going to be winners. Some are going to be unforgettable flops. Resilience makes us what we are in older age. Be glad you have the gifts you have. Play with fire and you’re going to get burned. Be careful where you put your trust.


You are being beckoned away again and this time you feel it is something worthwhile. Occasionally, thoughts emerge in your mind and they make you doubt your feelings. This is the end but it is a new kind of start.


Your priorities need a readjustment. When you start losing things, and being scolded for it, when you are racing from point A to point B, you have to question your own motives. You aren’t going to get what you need from this person. You need to deal with that and move on.


A separation is needed to help you stand alone. You can do much better once you do the difficult legwork to move forward. Rid yourself of the people who are drains on your energy, takers, not givers. Also, it’s time to rid your life of those who think badly of you.


Get down with 2009 by making a list of things you never thought you’d do but are only just now thinking you might. Take stock of what is now easy compared to what used to be so hard. Get back in touch with an old mentor who could help you so much now.


You must acknowledge the passing of time. You can’t really stop it. We are all on the same ride. This is really a time for getting in touch with the physical and doing drastic things like cleansing from the inside out.


Good things come to those who are patient. Beware of anyone who rushes you to make a decision. The right kind of person will stick by you while you make up your mind. A great deal is coming your way. Be open to new ideas.


Falling back into old bad habits will only postpone the inevitable. All the same, you’re finding relief in the quieter moments, not having to be social so much. Still, keep the close friends in your life. Learn to lean on them even if you don’t want to.


Someone disappears out of your life as quickly as they came into it. Don’t go looking for them. You will get caught up in imagining things as you’d like them to be but not as they are. If someone really wants to leave, let them go.


You have made great strides, while at the same time, you are slipping back into the old ways. Can you live happily with a new you? What makes you feel safe isn’t really that healthy anymore. It’s time to cross a new threshold.

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