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Alert: Police Blotter Santa Monica:

Dark Dressed Man

At 5:20 in the morning on Tuesday, February 10th, at the 1900 block of Ocean Avenue patrolling officers began (consensually) chatting with a man wearing dark clothing in an area that had recently experienced a series of burglaries. During their verbal intercourse, the officers discovered that the dark clothed man had lied to them, not just once, but twice. The first lie was that he had denied being on parole (in Fresno), and the second mistruth was the date of birth that he gave, it was false. The officers proceeded to contact the man’s parole agent who informed them that the man did not have permission to leave Fresno County. The parole agent issued a parole hold and the man was arrested. He was booked for providing false information to a police officer and violation of parole.

 A Walk In The Park

In the early hours of Wednesday, February 11th, officers patrolling the 1400 block of Ocean Avenue observed a man loitering (to stand idly about; linger aimlessly), an act that instantly put him at odds with Santa Monica’s Park Closure Ordinance (4.08.091b SMMC). The ordinance states that: No person shall enter, remain or be present in Palisades Park between the hours of twelve midnight and five a.m. The man was placed under arrest, booked for the park closure ordnance and other outstanding warrants.

Suicide Attempt

On Thursday February 12th, at 1:02 a.m. Officers of The Santa Monica Police department responded to a report of an overdose. When they arrived at the scene they discovered that the Santa Monica Fire Department was already on the scene treating the “victim”. The officers spoke with the “victim’s” husband (presumably at the scene) and the husband informed the officers that earlier in the evening he had had an argument with the “victim” (his wife) and had later discovered that his wife (the “victim”) had consumed a bottle of prescription medication as an attempt to end her life. She was taken to a local hospital for medical attention.

Caught NappingFebruary 12th, 4:20 a.m. Officers responded to a report of a traffic collision involving a vehicle and a tree (it is assumed that the vehicle was in motion and the tree stationary). When the officers arrived they discovered that the driver was asleep behind the wheel of the vehicle. The officers proceeded to awaken the driver from his slumber and when he was awake he informed them that he did not require medical attention (perhaps he thought they were doctors?). The officers smelled an odor upon his breath that they identified as some form of alcoholic beverage. They then had the man perform a series of sobriety tests (touching his nose etc.). The man must have scored badly on the tests because he was subsequently placed under arrest and booked for DUI.

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