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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You haven’t repaired the damage from a recent dispute. You will have to do some foot work to fix this. Don’t turn a blind eye to a friend in need. Be grateful for a modest gift. Joy is everywhere, get your net ready and catch some of it.


You are amazed at how easy hard things are. You have a talent for creating desirable things. You must think about how you can share this with the world. You have better days ahead but these days aren’t too bad either. Look upwards and see what’s falling from the sky.


You turned around and there it was. You don’t have to go looking for something or something that’s missing, it is a matter of looking at what’s been there all along. You can’t forget who laid it on the line for you. Stay humble.


A confrontation has left you a tad freaked out. You can’t help it if you aren’t perfect. Those who expect you to be better than you are are dreaming. On the other hand, it is their choice to see you as a disappointment. The truth is you are anything but. But that’s threatening.


You can’t confuse need with desire. What you need right now is what you most want. Learning how to dull that chronic desire will help you sharpen your need. Peace is here at last. Sleep more, move more, think before speaking more, worry less.


You are remembering a familiar path that has gotten you where you are. But you didn’t plan it this way. It just happened. You must obey the laws as they lay out before you but you are still the driver of this car. You can go as fast or as slowly as you want, within reason. Freedom is a state of mind.


You can fight it all you want, but on some level you know there is no use. What is coming is the right thing, even if it is something you’ve been dreading. It’s all a big lesson right now. Trust those who have your best interests at heart, not those who are out for themselves.


You must not worry. Everything will turn out well with the important people in your life except for one. And that person is on his or her own journey; there isn’t anything you can do about it except to be there when everything collapses. Not to rescue or prop up but just to give a hug.


Life hands us more than we can handle in order that we sift away the unnecessary bulk. You are always going to have to make choices. Some of them will benefit you in ways you like, others will be big drags on all levels. You are worthy of making the right choices for yourself.


You forgot something very important and ended up breaking one of your true blue rules. When this happens you can expect the predictable end result, which is just what happened. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Resign yourself to it. And just move on.


You can see the end clearly. You can see how life works but you know it took a lot to get you here. You can’t forget those who were nice to you on the way down. Now that you’re on the way up you can be grateful to those who had it right. Compassion is a rare gift.


You’ve never been more frantic than you are right now. It will calm down and your problems will get closer to being solved. You are still discarding things you can’t quite deal with right now but you are inching closer to serenity within and without.

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