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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You catch a few lucky breaks and for that you are endlessly grateful. You know you can’t give up the things that sustain you, even if, for a time, it seems like you can. You can either phone it in or really give of yourself. But be careful. You may not succeed at what you try to do if you try to do it quickly.


What seems like a great way to revisit your past turns into something much too complicated. At some point you’re going to wonder why you even bothered in the first place. Fear and nerves drive people to do weird things. You have to trust when it’s time to back out gracefully.


If you extend yourself too much you risk losing it all. Do not go so far that you collapse under the weight of obligation. After all, where is your own pleasure in all of this? Know where you’re going and feel good about those you will pass up on your way.


You can’t avoid mean people. They are everywhere. They will always try to subvert your best intentions because, deep down, they are annoyed by you. Don’t let your insecurity make you look crazy or off balance. Just be sure you’re right when you decide to unleash your fury.


You might feel some shame in trying to get out of your situation in a fair manner. Don’t do something you can’t live with later. You must try harder to free yourself from guilt. It is a harmful emotion. We all do what we can and when we get the opportunity, we cross lines we never thought we would cross.


You have a habit of being out front early. It’s time to slow down and get back to your roots. You are lucky that things have worked right. You have influenced people in the right way and that is something you can feel good about forever. Maybe that’s what you were meant for.


You keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Some things are not meant to work out. You have other things to deal with now. Your heart aches for what used to be. What used to be ain’t coming back any time soon. Look for a new comfort zone.


Just when you think you’ve used up everything you have, you find something new. You get a break and that is never easy in this day and age. Everything feels like a slog. But you are almost in the clear. It’s time to relax and take it all in. Pat yourself on the back for having the smarts to do it right.


You have things you do for fun and things you do for money. Although you would love to have them mix – right now, it’s looking more like they’ll be divided. When times are better you will see things differently. Right now, concentrate on the big picture.


You got thrown for a loop just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse. But you made it through with flying colors and look at how much you’ve accomplished. Keep your eye on the prize and never lose hope that it will all work out in your favor.


You lost something but you’re just about to get it back in an odd way. It won’t be exactly the same but it will be close enough. You’ve learned your lesson the hard way and the second time around, things will be a lot different. Be glad that all has worked out this way and not the other way.


You never thought anything would come of your efforts but you are amazed to see that, at last, things are looking up. You have too many things to deal with now. Focus only on the essentials. Don’t lose sight of the most important things or else you’ll regret everything

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