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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Look to the left, one problem. Look the right, five more problems. You have too much pressure on you and that is making you respond abnormally to someone else’s issues. You can figure this one out if you calm down and step back.


Lashing out isn’t the best way to forget about someone who is giving you the silent treatment lately. The best way to deal with them is to find out what’s really wrong and try to address the problem directly. You’ll never get very far this way. On the other hand, comes a time when you just have to cut your losses.


You shouldn’t hold other people accountable, especially when you are too full of pride to ask for help. You prefer to suffer in silence and then resent others for not reading your mind. This is all very dangerous and will cause you much grief and heartache.


How many different ways have you discovered out of this one problem? You’ve been doing your best but so far your best has been not so great. You are outnumbered and it is making you feel weird. No one likes to be the one everyone turns on. Hold your ground.


Be careful what you wish for. You will have them pounding at the gates, trying hard to get a piece of you. You must remain away from them for the time being. It’s time to pay your respects to those who really give you the time of day and forget those who just can’t bring themselves to show kindness.


What makes dreams so profound one day and completely irrelevant the next? You can’t fight your way out of a box. You need help. But the first thing you have to do is remove the ego. Just tell yourself that it doesn’t matter. Showing up, being there, being who you are. These are the things that matter. People who envy you are of no use.


Isn’t it funny the lengths people will go? You must readjust your way of thinking in order to reap the full benefits of all of the joy in your life. Don’t despair, though, if it all isn’t working out right. Success if often a trade-off and there is no free lunch. You are feeling some anxiety about the future.


You are only going to be going through these things once, maybe twice. You aren’t getting any younger and you must embrace change, even if it means you are frustrated by the lack of positive results. This is it. Accept what comes without judgment.


You are half-way there. You must do some work yet. Love is on your mind. A crush drifts in and out and you can’t make sense of it. You are going to have to battle inner turmoil for a while and there isn’t a good way to get around it. Nothing will ever be perfect.


You never want to fall through the cracks. You have only a few more lessons left and a few more chances at success. You never thought it would turn out this way but this is what it is. Value what you do and who you are. You are rare and your talent is abundant.


You were glad when things didn’t change too much. You like them when they stay the same. You have noticed that attraction doesn’t die. It is always a low-burning ember that can catch flame again under the right conditions.


Too much on your plate now makes it difficult to manage your emotions. You have to ask yourself at what cost all of this? If someone asks you for your time you are obligated to at least be polite, even if you can’t really sacrifice all that you have left inside. You do need friends, though. Everyone does.

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