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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

ARIESThe one thing you forgot to do is the thing that will be driving you crazy. Praise those who work extra hard in creating things. You have to be more diligent when it comes to pulling, pushing, taking and giving.TAURUSDirectness protects you from ambiguity or misinterpretation. You only have a short amount of time before you are given the final results. The waiting before the news comes down is usually the most nerve-wracking. Don’t worry; it’s good.GEMINIYou find someone who’s been long lost. You reach out to someone who has been bitterly opposed to your very existence. What is it with people? Love is in the flooding stage – it will come and go without your having done anything. Freedom is almost yours.CANCER Be careful of the tipping point. You want to know when it’s coming so that you can prepare for it. But fear not what might roll your way. There are others whom you must care for now, which means you have to be on your game. You have a nice, healthy head start. Keep up the good work.LEODiscipline is the key to removing the chaos. If you set your getting ready time for fifteen minutes before the usual time you will cut your frantic reactions in half. And removing stress right now is the most essential thing you can do for yourself. Welcome peace.VIRGOYou have harmony and peace at your fingertips but your brain is still wired to respond to the bad. It will take some deprogramming to change the way you take in and react to conflict. You get closer and closer but never really touch.LIBRAWatch out for the one who is doing things for personal gain and not for the good of others. These personalities have warped perspectives and therefore cannot be trusted. They take things too personally because the world revolves around them in their mind. Disregard what they tell you. SCORPIOYou can’t know how to get out of the trap you’ve built for yourself because your thinking is still very much part of it. You must, therefore, find a new solution to a very old problem. The way you do it is ask the question, “what’s the worst that can happen?” Ask it several times. The answer may surprise you. SAGITTARIUSYou have jungles in your circle of friends. You have predators and victims. You have bait and threats. You must be a warrior and not prey. You can do this relatively easily but it is a state of mind and not a specific action.CAPRICORNThings won’t end with a bang but with a whimper. You catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar. Put on your sweet face and you will charm even your worst enemies. And believe me, enemies are just who’ll be dealing with over the next few weeks.AQUARIUSYou are proud of yourself that you made it through the worst times. Your body held up, you maintained your sanity and you are still alive. Just remember any work is good work. It is better to be employed, no matter what it is, than being unemployed. You know this by now.PISCESYou will be juggling a lot of things at once. You have so many people depending on you and at some point you worry that everything is just going to collapse. But it won’t. One day at a time. You must credit your abilities for surviving this.

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