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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

ARIES The most important things are shoved aside as you try to fit in all of the other non-important stuff. Have you noticed that? Try to discern what is going to really matter on down the road and what is just window dressing for your ego. TAURUSStop gap measures are not a reliable way to get through the work week. You can’t solve the world’s problems while sifting through your own. You find yourself wanting to get closer to a stranger. You find yourself wanting to take a long vacation. GEMINIYour gifts are plentiful. Be sure to thank the right people when the time comes. Things have changed in good ways and bad ways. You don’t have much to worry about when it comes to settling a dispute between you and another entity; you will win, they will lose. CANCER A great many fans will come forth to support you when you are feeling all alone. This will take you aback; you had no idea so many people cared! In every other way, though, you are on your own. That’s a good thing, though. You trust yourself most.LEOLife is becoming harder and harder but you are shining more brightly than ever before. In the great days of the old you you always had the future to look forward to. It might not seem like you do anymore but really, you still do. It’s the only constant in our lives.VIRGOYou are impressed with how much you’re able to juggle lately. You feel compelled to do things outside the box and thus, you always have a lot of haters. Who cares what they think, though, if they don’t know the real you. Spend your energies on people who really know who you are.LIBRAThis isn’t the best way to go about fixing things with a new enemy. It is in your best interest to maintain order and keep the peace. You want to make sure everyone’s happy. That’s really impossible. In the face of this, you can only stay honest. You’re feeling sexy too. SCORPIOYou are not calling the shots here, though you really wish you were. In many ways, you’re the best person for the job. Irony abounds. If you had now what you had then everything would work out fine. If you had then what you have now everything would have been fine. Oh well. We live in the moment. SAGITTARIUSYou feel slightly resentful of the success of others. That will, if left unchecked, eat away at your insides. You are bursting with positivity. Make sure to use it right. This is your time. You should be having a blast with your heart wide open.CAPRICORNYou feel the pull of obligation and it’s always the thing that bugs you the most. But you also discover that when you show up, things aren’t ever as bad as they seem. Say yes more often than you say no. At least for now. You might have to go back to no if it backfires.AQUARIUSTrying to cut through the nonsense will be your goal this month. That’s because you will be faced with a lot of double speak. Sooner or later the piper comes calling and you have to pony up. Can you think of something brilliant to cement your destiny? You certainly can. PISCESYou thought things in your life would go more negatively than they have. Ask yourself if you, then, create your own misery so that you can feel comfortable – or if you are ready to see life on a different level, a happier one.

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