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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura WildeMirror Contributing Writer ARIESTired of things running the same cycle? Worried that time is running out? You will be masking a deep secret over the next few days, which will tire you out. But revealing it will cause its own set of problems. Tell a third party and ask for advice.TAURUSHaving your cake and eating it too means that you will have to be mean and nice all at once. Eventually, you will get what you want and what you need while satisfying the needs of others. The trouble is, you are too often having to take a backseat to people who demand their own freedom.GEMINIThe final ingredient will depend on how much you can give right now. Think hard about your decisions here. They will last a very long time. You are starting to get it about control issues. And you have to relieve yourself of some hang-ups. They’re holding you back.CANCER You would do well to start rethinking your current plans. You may want to redo your career or love life. But you almost might want to hold off until things steady in our society before making any permanent decisions. Dreaming is free, however, so start jotting it down.LEOThings go well for a while, until they don’t. You are facing some hard core problems right now. No quick fix is going to get you out of this mess, though. It’s going to be a hard slog but in the end you will be happy and satisfied with the results of your sacrifices. VIRGOThere is no “supposed to” here. You do what you do. When you bog down with what you think is the “right” way to proceed you end up in the race with everyone else going the same pace. Take a shortcut here or there, fly instead of run. Mix it up big time.LIBRAYou have a problem and it isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it is just swelling moment by moment. We all need to feel vital and valued, with our loved ones and among our peers. There is nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make you a shallow or narcissistic person. Be selfish for a change. SCORPIOCertain patterns in your past were set long ago and you’ve let to release them. You must try to figure out what it is exactly that you fear in letting them go. Are you afraid of freefall? Are you afraid of losing yourself, or your security or your comfort? This is a time to take a deep breath and strip it all down. SAGITTARIUSThere are conflicts you’ve yet to work out and those are creating resentments in the people around you. You can’t just let them lie because they fester and then start to really hurt. They also turn into much bigger problems than they started out as. So do yourself a favor and deal with it head-on and with honesty. CAPRICORNYou have dug too deep a hole for yourself and you aren’t able to find a way out. You believe that your total control will be a good thing. In this instance, it really isn’t. While it may be making you feel more safe, it is, in fact, doing another a disservice.AQUARIUSThe frantic race has got to come to an end. The truth is that life isn’t moving too fast; you are. It’s time to slow way down and take each moment as it comes. Sure, when you are worried about the logistics of life, that’s one thing. Just remember – it doesn’t matter how much you worry about it: the outcome is the same.PISCESYou have to rethink your plans from here on out. It’s going to require some life mapping. Where do you want to be? Where do you feel comfortable? Where is your home? How much can you stand? Think it out and then make your move. Don’t be too proud to beg.

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