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Star Gazing:

ARIESA different day and you might have responded in an off-the-cuff manner but given how much has been on your mind lately, it’s no wonder you gave back a little too much information. You have never been that great in holding back what needs to be said.TAURUSYou know that things take weird paths sometimes, especially when they’re going in a tragic or depressing direction. You are making yourself available for a good friend in need and that kindness will swing back in your direction.GEMINIYou know you’re not playing with a full deck when things start disappearing out of your grasp. It is perhaps time to take an inventory of what you really have, toss out what you don’t need and put away valuables. In other words, strip things down, clean things up. How hard can that be?CANCER If you want to bring things full circle, just remember to lift yourself up before dropping yourself back down. That means be kind to you on this inside. No long diatribes, no depressing talk – just be kind and thoughtful and all good things will flip back in your direction. LEOA little bit of crazy is not a bad thing. It can often mean we are sharp and creative rather than dull and unthinking. But a lot of crazy will cause people to look at you funny. Brace yourself for the worst. You haven’t got time to smooth things out with your friend over you know what – just move on with your life.VIRGOIt is almost the end and the joy finds itself peaking up from behind the mountains. Isn’t it lovely when all things collide so beautifully? You can make it all run more smoothly by feeling okay and harmonious with how things go. There is anyone better than anyone else, not really. It just seems that way at times.LIBRAYou are fighting an uphill battle that you can’t win. Take your cue from older and wiser and hold your tongue just at the moment where you really want to lay it out. No good can come from laying it out, you just have to deal. Unfortunately no one else will, but that is their issue. SCORPIOOnly a fight can break the bond you have with your closest ally and a fight isn’t what either of you needs right now. You feel some happiness about the future but you aren’t quite ready to go head over heels and make those really important decisions. You have to be cool about it. Think hard. Consult. SAGITTARIUSYou start to get frustrated with the pattern of repetition. You wish that you could vary the way it goes day in and day out. But even when you stray from the path sooner or later you find your way back into the groove again. Finding a new way to see it is key.CAPRICORNYou find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again. You just can’t win no matter how hard you try. If you worry that people aren’t listening, perhaps you need to speak your mind without all of that emotional stuff that gets caught up with it.AQUARIUSThey said this, you thought that, he said this, she said that. No one is ready to just lay it on the line right now. Plenty of rumors are flying around. It’s a good week to be more adventurous in the sack. It’s also a good week to try a risky recipe.PISCESYou search high and low for just the right way in. You are also haunted by the darkness, which is just everywhere. That will go away once you identify it. Believe in yourself and in your talent because you are still going places even if, for now, it feels like nowhere fast.

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