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Summer = Summer Camp:

Summer for most kids means fun in the sun, no school, staying up late, and watching movies. Free from the academia of school and constraints of routine. But for many kids, summer means a different type of learning…fun learning! Do you remember when you went to camp as a kid? Isn’t that where you learned how to surf, make crafts, hike, create, and most of all make friends with kids other than the ones you knew from school. Summer camp is a great time for anyone, and why we ask?Lucky for us we all have different interests, and in today’s world you can never have enough diversity and the varied summer camps prove it! Just here in Santa Monica, there are camps that serve the art minded, sport minded, and anything minded individual. With the economic state, sending your child to a summer camp out-of-state or perhaps hours away may take too much time and may be too costly. Inside the Camp Supplement you will find everything you need to know about summer camps in Santa Monica and the surrounding areas. There are camps dealing with surfing to art and everything in between. With camps that start in the morning and end in the afternoon, or start at noon and end in the evening, it couldn’t be easier to work around a crammed schedule. This summer make sure you take advantage of some of the great camps listed in this guide and give your child the opportunity of a lifetime to learn, make friends, and enjoy a wonderful summer!

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