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The Second Wave: The Twilight DVD is Coming

If you think the theatrical release of Twilight was a tweener frenzy, just wait until the DVD goes on sale next week. The double disc DVD of Twilight is sure to send a shockwave through the malls and Coffee Beans as girls wildly text each other to see who has bought the DVD and how many times have they already watched it.The Twilight Saga: New Moon just started filming with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and the rest of the motley crew playing vampires, werewolves, and townies. The challenge of the publicity team behind the Twilight films has been to keep the heat on the series so that it isn’t dead in the water by the time the second film opens, and the third and the fourth. Unlike the Harry Potter series where the kids were growing older along with their core audience, the Twilight crew are their ages through the entire series because vampires do not grow old they just live forever. The Twilight DVD double disc will feature audio commentary by Catherine Hardwicke, the one-time director who chose not to climb aboard the second installment when she found out how fast they wanted to make it. She has since been replaced by Chris Weitz. Apparently, no one seems to care who directs the thing, as long as it comes out in a timely manner. By timely that means quick enough to ride the current wave of fantacism before it gives way to something new.The DVD will also feature five extended scenes with director introductions, five deleted scenes with director introductions, and a seven-part documentary, The Adventure Begins: The Journey From Page to Screen. In short, it’s a waking dream for Twilight fans who really can’t get enough of the books, the stars and the films. As for the actual film Twilight, it is as bad as the new one probably will be. By bad, that means uninspired dialogue, one cliche after another, bizarre metaphors and a fairly weak story once you take away all of the vampire stuff. At least the first film had all of those angst-ridden high school scenes to keep it going. The new film won’t have any of that – just the temptation of Bella’s fresh blood for the poor, hungry vampires.Meanwhile parents are feeling a little edgy with all of this Twilight stuff, especially now that girls as young as ten are reading the books. On the one hand, there is cause to worry about the final book, which has Bella getting pregnant at 19 and choosing to have her little half-vampire baby, thus risking her life, thus forgoing her college plans – you know the drill: every mother’s nightmare. Those ten year-olds, though, will be a little bit older by the time the later books are made into movies and they will likely be the real cash cows. The older ones are going to be over it in a matter of minutes. But the younger ones? It’s going to take a while for all of that vampire love to get out of their systems.

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