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Alert: Police Blotter:

No Free RideFriday, April 10, 6:15 p.m. Officers of The Santa Monica Police Department were requested to visit a Big Blue Bus at the corner of Lincoln and Pico. When they arrived, the driver informed them that a man had mounted the bus (that means entered the bus, as opposed to climbing onto its roof), taken a seat (sat down) and refused to pay his fare. The officers asked the man what his name and date of birth were; the man provided answers but these could not be verified at that time because he claimed that he did not have any I.D. upon him. The officers arrested him for the fare evasion and then discovered that he did have some I.D. upon his person. The name was correct, but the date of birth was not. The man was later charged with fare evasion and providing false information to a police officer.The (Not So) Great DebateSunday, April 12, 11:48 p.m. Officers went to the 1200 block of 17th Street in order to investigate a report of a battery. When they arrived the “victim” informed them that he had been sitting inside his apartment, with his neighbor, chatting, and generally, to use the vernacular, chilling. The chilling turned slightly warmer when the men began to argue (“to present reasons or proofs to support or refute an assertion, proposition, or principle”). The slightly warmer atmosphere became rather hot when the neighbor proceeded to punch the “victim” in the face (perhaps the neighbor was “losing” the argument). After punching the “victim” in the face, the neighbor returned to his own apartment (the end of the argument?). The “victim” was desirous that the neighbor be placed under citizen’s arrest, so the officers obliged. The neighbor was subsequently booked for battery.An Odd CoupleThursday, April 16, 1:30 a.m. Officers patrolling the 1800 block of 20th Street stopped a vehicle because they noticed that the registration was expired. The officers spoke with the driver and discovered that her driver’s license was suspended. They then spoke with the passenger and found out that he was in possession of a “shank” (an improvised stabbing device). The officers then arrested the pair of them. The officers then learned that the driver was in possession of crystal meth, and a pipe for the consumption thereof. On top of all of that the passenger was found to have a court order against him that prohibited him from being anywhere near the driver. They were taken to jail where the driver then decided it might be a good idea to start fighting with the officers (in the red corner…). Needless to say she lost, and was later booked for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended license. The passenger was booked for carrying a concealed weapon, obstruction of justice, and violation of a court order. One wonders what on earth they were thinking, or not thinking, as the case may be.

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