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G4’s Ninja Warrior Filming at Santa Monica BeachG4 will be shooting a special episode for the upcoming “Ninja Fest 4” TV event and the filming will be open to the public. Fans of the show are invited to come out and have a chance to meet G4 celebrity hosts and past American Ninja competitors, and run a mock Ninja Warrior course.For the first time ever, fans will have an opportunity to show their athletic ability on a specially-created Ninja obstacle course and may even find themselves in the show which will premiere on June 21st, only on G4. The shooting will take place on the beach one block South of Pico on Saturday, April 4 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.* * * *SMRR Questions Expo Rail Maintenance yardSanta Monicans for Renters Rights sent a letter to Metro /DEIR addressing the proposed location for a 24 hour/7 day a week maintenance yard and substation facility for the Expo Phase II project that would be placed next to residential neighborhoods in Santa Monica. SMRR stated in their letter that DEIR did not study other locations extensively enough before deciding on the current proposed site. SMRR pointed out that there are non-residential areas along the proposed line that were not given enough consideration. SMRR in the letter pointed out major problems including: both noise and vibration caused by this facility, the impact on traffic, and possible hazardous substance and pollution for the adjacent neighborhood. SMRR also said that the neighborhood that would be affected represents a mixed-income neighborhood with the biggest concentration of low-income, working class, and minority residents, thus claiming issues of environmental injustice. In conclusion to this letter SMRR suggested that another location be found for the Expo Phase II maintenance yard. The entire version of this letter can be viewed online in the News section on the Santa Monica Mirror Daily Web at: https://smmirror.com/MainPages/NewsMain.asp* * * *Big Blue Bus FinedSanta Monica’s Big Blue Bus was fined last week by the California Air Resources Board for $21,000 for violating state emissions requirements.   Even though the Big Blue Bus has tried to do their part in being progressively green, the fine comes from failing to test and maintain the emissions of smoke let out by diesel fueled vehicles during the 2006 and 2007 years.  The California ARB will get approximately $16,000 of the total fine while the other chunk of the money will be split in to two. Half will be sent to Peralta Community College to provide more extensive training for emission education classes, with the other half going to California Pollution Financing Authority.  Along with the fine the ARP will require all Big Blue Bus staff that deal with diesel operated vehicles to take emission education classes, and drivers that operate heavy duty vehicles to abide by the state limits while idling.  

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