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Farmers’ Market Report:

It’s that time again…time to plan your summer garden! So pull out those winter crops and get ready for summer. The first and most important thing to do before planting your summer crops is to amend your soil. Add some new, organic planting compost about one foot deep. Jimmy Williams of Hayground Organics recommends EB Stone brand. He says soil is the most important part of your garden and should not be skimped on; he even makes his own special blend of organic fertilizer. If you are like me, and got so excited about planting those tomato seedlings that you forgot to amend your soil it’s not too late- there is still hope. Just side dress your crops – add the amended soil around the plant and they will still be happy. If you are doing a container garden make sure your pots are large enough for what you are growing. For tomatoes a ten gallon pot or bucket is best and make sure it has at least two feet in depth. Smaller pots are fine for herbs. A fun new herb available from Hayground Organics is Bob Marley mint. A couple years ago, a friend of Bob Marley brought Jimmy a plant. He said it was the mint Bob Marley used two make his tea with everyday. Jimmy had this plant in his yard for two years (and even misplaced it at one point) before he planted it. He finally planted it and now you too can grow your very own Bob Marley mint. It is in the spearmint family and has an almost smoky (no pun intended) flavor to it. It is excellent to steep in tea and can also be used raw in salads.The Santa Monica Farmers Markets are a great place to buy your plants and seedlings. Hayground Organics and It Began in The Garden at the Wednesday and Saturday Downtown Markets and Windrose Farm at the Wednesday Market all have a wide selection of wonderful plants. Be sure to check back with them weekly as varieties change often. Happy gardening!

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