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Green Bike Comes To Santa Monica:

Most people these days are looking for ways to get or keep in shape, to save money, and are concerned about preserving energy. Montana Avenue’s Revolution Fitness’ President/Owner, Stephanie Moore, has come up with an idea to do it all. It’s called the “Green” Bike.The first “Green” bike in Santa Monica is a specially designed demo stationary bicycle which can generate energy while spinning. The generated energy is sent to a rechargeable battery that is connected to the bike. Then the battery can be removed and used as a power source. At Revolution Fitness the energy from the bike is used to power its music system and the microphone the exercise instructor uses during spinning classes. Moore stated that if the bike were ridden for 100 minutes it would generate enough energy to power the music system and microphone for two days. She hopes to convert all 50 bikes she has for her spinning classes to “green” bikes. One of the ideas Moore mentioned was Bring Your Own Battery (BYOB) “and power it up by exercise and then bring it home” to use. Another was to use the power generated by her Indow-row machines to power up rechargeable batteries. Revolution Fitness has been in Santa Monica for 13 years and offers Pilates, strength training, and Yin yoga in addition to its spinning and Indo-row classes.

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