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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura WildeMirror Contributing Writer ARIESYou will have confidence in public life or in speaking, and you will be able to wield special powers. At the same time, watch our reactions and over-reactions. You will be snapping too quickly, and then regretting it. Believe in magic.TAURUSYou will come at life with complete commitment. There is no half-way. Your worries will be lifted when a medical problem reveals itself. Technology should bend, not break. You should just try this, try that and eventually you’ll find the answer.GEMINIYou’re struggling with the answers. Your mind is in the present. You could be feeling over-confident without remembering to check for practical solutions. You will be tempted to act quickly. You have love in your life again.CANCER This is a time for continuous hard work. The break comes later. So many favors being tossed around. Everyone just hopes for things to even out and equal out. Selfishness is a constant force that pulls everyone in different, conflicting directions.LEOYou are grappling with the real issues lately. What does it all mean if it means anything at all? It’s best to hold on tightly to your sanity. Make your mind work in consort with your body. It’s also time to strip down that which you don’t need. Bare essentials.VIRGOWhat are the drawbacks of getting exactly what you want? Make a list of potential goods and potential ills. It isn’t that your decision will be easier, it’s that your thoughts will be clearer. You have no choice but to concentrate and steer your focus in the right direction.LIBRAYour body can only take so much before it demands some changes. Fatigue, hunger, laziness, energy – it’s all coming down this week. Your problems are coming from the inside out. You turn your world around when you start facing facts.SCORPIO The first thing you need to do is take a long break. If you can’t really function on what you have right now, perhaps you need to step back and take a look at what you’ve built so far. Sniping gets you nowhere. It only makes enemies.SAGITTARIUSIt’s a hard time for everyone. But that is no excuse to give up. There are still an infinite number of possibilities. It is necessary, perhaps, to do some reinventing. Who is it you’ve always wanted to be? You have a chance now.CAPRICORNDon’t be too angry at the person who can’t fix what’s broken. No one really can, it seems. Some things are meant to be broken and stay that way. You worry that those who are swirling down the drain will never find a way back up.AQUARIUSYou have luck on your side this week. Someone cast a spell on you and you are touching things and turning them to gold. Your advice will be sought out. Your words listened to. You have gained some respect from your peers. You are happier than you’ve ever been.PISCESAren’t you glad to see that your time investment wasn’t a complete waste of time? It’s nice to see that you’ve eked out a little place for yourself in this world. You’ve made your tiny dreams comes true in some ways. In other ways, you still yearn.

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